Published by: Sterling/Hollan

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When Cats Fly
Mr. Higgs

Get Ready for Lift-off!

What animal is as entertaining as the uninhibited cat? Pair that unmatched star quality with an unlikely ability to fly and you get Catapult. Limbs flailing, eyes wide, whiskers blowing in the breeze, the so-called domesticated creatures pictured here are as wild as the circumstances in which they find themselves. Airborne like never before, these gravity-defying marvels find themselves:

  • plummeting through outer space
  • swinging bravely on a circus trapeze
  • cascading down a giant waterfall

And that’s just the beginning of the wild and unexpected aerial adventures you’ll see here. If you’ve ever wondered what the world would be like if cats could fly—I mean really fly—this may be the closest you get to finding out.

About the Author

Mr. Higgs is a seventeen-year old Boston-based tabby. A world traveler, he’s always had a fascination with flying. This is his first book.